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Women Empowerment:

When the rural women start working and earn for their families, we expect the following advantages would happen.

•  Self-satisfaction for them.

•  Financial contribution to their families.

•  Better Inter-family relationships.

We have identified three areas where we are training / engaging our rural women.

Bamboo Mats Weaving:

We have created handloom facilities for weaving bamboo mats. We try to bridge the exporters from nearby town and our rural women. We help them to get training in making bamboo mats. After they get trained, they start making bamboo mats. In this way, an experienced weaving worker is able to earn a respectable income. We are also planning to upgrade the production facilities to make their job easier by introducing latest bamboo based technologies from China.

Sanitary Napkin Production:

Our aim in this project is not only to provide some jobs for our rural women but also to make it available at affordable price for our village girls / women. A WHO report says that one of the major reasons for uterus related problems with rural women is the lack of knowledge of using proper sanitary napkins.

When our own sisters of our society bring these napkins to other women, it becomes much easier for them to interact and acquire health related knowledge. It's easy for our SHG members to market these products and on the other side, the village women don't feel shy to inquire about sanitary napkins.

Farm Input Production:

We also train our local women in the production of Vermi-Compost, Panchacowya and Herbal Extracts. This helps them to practice organic farming in their own farms and they could also market their products in neighboring towns where people are looking for organic inputs to maintain their home gardens.

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