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Social Hormony:

Even though the society becomes sustainable in terms of economy, it looses its moral values by inter-cast or inter-class conflicts due to changing socio-political reasons. Farm India organizes special village festivals where all levels of the society participate with equal status. This improves tolerance with our people and they develop trust among them.

We are able to sponsor a local festival named “Kaman Thiruvizha” right from the inception of our organization. This festival is based on the story of the “Passion God”. During the celebration, all our villagers join hands and participate with full involvement, not considering their cast or religion.

When more and more these kinds of festivals are celebrated, the people start thinking in a common line and try to settle their problems / disputes more amicably.

We also plan to provide food and shelter to the abandoned senior citizen, which is another important component in creating a society with harmony.

“Ask not what the nation did for you: ask what you did for the nation”

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