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Quality Education:

The future of any country or region depends on its students. But in rural area, the standard of schools is not up to the city levels. In developing economies like India , we have our own reasons for this. Instead of blaming governments, we have decided to lay our brick in the construction of a strong future society.

Farm India undertakes the following projects to improve the quality of education in our specific region. We have identified 10 schools in Nadupatti region, Trichy district of Tamilnadu for our activities.

•  Join schools to organize enrollment campaign.

•  Provide teaching tools to our member schools.

•  Organize eco tours.

•  Special classes to improve computer & language skills.

•  Job oriented training program.

•  Inter-school meet ( Kalvi Thiruvizha ).

Enrollment Campaign:

To improve the enrollment percentage and reduce the drop outs, we organize special campaigns during the month of June. We work together with our member schools. This has certainly improved the overall performance of our education circle in the recent past years.

Teaching Tools:

“Seeing is learning”. We strongly believe in it. So we provide minimum possible teaching aids to our member schools. We also support the poorest of the poor students to buy their school uniforms and note books.

Eco Tours:

We invite our students and teachers to our Organic farm and other Natural farming centers to introduce the Natural way of life to the young minds. They learn the importance of natural farming, protecting environment, less usage of plastics and little bit water management.

Computer & Language Skills:

Having IT knowledge is a must in today's environment. The rural children lack not only in computer skills but also in communication ability. We conduct special classes in all our member schools to improve these skills. We have already provided personal computers to 4 schools and we are in the process of arranging computers to other schools in coming years. We use multimedia tools in these classes.

Job Oriented Training:

Very few students completing school final from the rural areas enter professional colleges due to their poor financial conditions. Most of them do not continue higher education at all. Ultimately they land up either at local textile industries as daily wage laborers or they sit idle at home giving extra burden to their parents. This scene is a very common one in most of the rural areas.

Farm India identifies potential students during the school days itself and trains them with special IT curriculum. We also conduct special spoken English classes for them to improve their communication ability.

Apart from these classes, we also arrange orientation programs in personality development. In total, we try to develop our village school children to compete city students in the IT job market, particularly E-publishing industries.

Inter-school meet “Kalvi Thiruvizha”:

We realize most of the rural schools can not afford to conduct their annual sports meet or school day functions. But there are lots of hidden skills within our young children. So we thought we provide a platform for all these students to bring out their special skills. All our 10 member-schools participate in this one day event. We have the following programs during this special day.

•  Science Exhibition organized by students from member-schools.

•  Special sports for parents & teachers.

•  Sports & games for all students.

•  Community Lunch (students, teachers & parents).

•  Cultural programs by our students (music, dance, drama, mono-acting, etc.)

•  Facilitation & prize distribution.

We are able to organize this “Kalvi Thiruvizha” for the last three years in a stretch. This program not only helps the students to bring out their hidden skills but also improves their inter-personal behaviors when they mingle with other children.

Special School Functions:

We also help our member-schools to conduct regular school functions such as Independence Day, Children's Day, etc. We conduct sports and literary competitions and distribute prizes to the winners. Some times, few film shows are organized to keep our young children entertained.

We plan to conduct personality development programs for high school students from next year onwards.

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