Organic Farming

Farm India helps our farmers to understand Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture. We train our farmers to make their own farm inputs like Vermi-Compost, Herbal Extracts (Natural Pesticides), Panchacowya (an excellent microbial combination of 5 cow products) and other farm inputs needed for Organic agriculture.

We interact with various Organic Farming Organizations and universities both within and outside India and bring latest technologies and updates to our farming communities.

Bio Dynamic Farming

It is a new way to integrate scientific understanding with recognition of spirit in nature. This can be applied anywhere food is grown, with thoughtful adaptation to scale, landscape, climate and culture.
In this, we are giving training programmes for Bio Dynamic Farming students in our local villages.

Water Management

In today’s environmental impact, we are facing low rainfall. For this issue, we are providing training programmes and workshops regarding Water Management for our local farmers.