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Today's agriculture faces serious problems in the following aspects.

•  Availability of technologies to the farmers. That is the gap between lab to land.

•  Availability of farm credit.

•  Excessive input cost.

•  Very poor market prices.


Farm India helps our farmers to understand Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture. We train our farmers to make their own farm inputs like Vermi-Compost, Herbal Extracts (Natural Pesticides), Panchacowya (an excellent microbial combination of 5 cow products) and other farm inputs needed for Organic agriculture.

We interact with various Organic Farming Organizations and universities both within and outside India and bring latest technologies and updates to our farming communities.

Farm Credit:

We create Self Help Groups of farmers and guide them on how to get financial supports from various government bodies like Financial Institutions, National Horticulture Board, Khadi and Village Industries Commission, etc.

Cost Control:

By providing them with Low or No External Input Sustainable Agriculture Technologies, we make sure our farmers are not got into debt trap. Even though during the initial periods, Organic Farming brings little profit due to lower production, over a period of time when the soil gets enriched, the returns are much better. The most important point in this type of agriculture is that there is no risk of cost run out due to excessive fertilizer and pesticide usage.

Market Support:

There is a good demand for Organically / Naturally grown vegetables and other food grains. We try to bridge the market and our farmers so that both are benefited by helping each other.

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