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A rapid urbanization is taking place almost in every part of the world. Social activists, economists and environmentalists find different reasons for this phenomenon. However they differ with their views, the fact remains the same. We at Farm India find a single reason for this - a big gap in economy levels between villages and cities.

We analyze this problem in to deep enough and observed the following issues are the root causes for the imbalance between the rural and the urban societies.

1. Agriculture remains the major occupation for the rural masses. In today's context, agriculture only can not support the whole family for its financial needs.

2. Rural women are not able to find suitable jobs for them. This means they are not able to contribute financially to their families.

3. The rural students are not competitive enough for both finding admission for higher educations as well as finding suitable placements.

What is a society? What are the components of the society? Society is made out individual families. And individual family consists of Father, Mother and Children (of course, grand parents).

If the above three components of the family is not able to perform to their best, then how can we expect they contribute effectively to the well being of the family. And if every family is not able to do their best or even up to their survival level, they ultimately decide to migrate to a better location, probably a city where their neighborhood has done it in near past.

This process continues and it will be never ending unless the governing bodies pay attention to improve the balance sheet of rural families, by providing enough support for agriculture, by creating employment opportunities for rural women and by improving the education standards of the rural schools.

We at Farm India realize these problems and so decided to dedicate ourselves to improve the situation of a specific region in Trichy district of Tamilnadu, India . Of course, we understand our limitations in terms of man power, organization strength and financial support that we can not spread our hands to a very big area. So we have identified a small area within which we could do the best. And we strongly believe that if every village adopts this style, the entire rural India can become self sustainable. And we are very sure about it.


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